Frictionless Sliding System FAQ

Swiss designed

Swiss design is known for precision, quality materials, functional aesthetics, attention to detail, and innovation—qualities that make our products exclusive and timeless


Minimalism is a lifestyle or design approach that emphasizes simplicity, functionality, and the intentional reduction of excess. focusing on clarity, purpose, and essentials

A better quality of life if we consider that the visible profiles only represent 0.5% of the opening’s surface, this leaves 99.5% through which light can penetrate.
We have developed a system that meets the highest aesthetic requirements in terms of visual abstraction, personalisation and design, and that also meets the highest constraints on a technical, structural, security and insulating level.
Switzerland is a country famed for the services it provides. This service culture has remained important over many generations and has forged a notion of quality associated with "Swiss Made" for many decades. LESSFRAME has joined this long-standing Swiss tradition of service and quality. Our system is the result of this legacy is combined with our passion for architecture.
The MINERGIE® standard is an optional construction standard that allows for energy to be used rationally and for renewable energies to be used more, all while ensuring an improved quality of life, improved competitiveness and a reduction in environmental damage.

The Lessframe system blends sleek lines and minimalist principles to maximize natural light, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

Steve Dofour

ceo / founder

Lumir Hybel

Co - owner

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